Tami Roman Weight Loss

At times, it’s pretty difficult for us to digest positivity as much as we have become habitual of tolerating negativity.

I mean, we just don’t stop complaining, nagging and whining over things that are simply good and free from faults!

For example, Tami Roman weight loss that has been ridiculed these days, instead of being appreciated for the good she is up to.


The 48 years old Tami Roman is the ladylove of the famous ex-basketball player, Kenny Anderson. But, that’s not all about her identity for the woman is also known for her very own achievements in the field of acting and modeling.

Roman has worked in several movies including South of Pico, Hair show and Just within reach and has also featured in many reality shows, dramas, sitcoms and more.

The mother of two went under serious weight loss transformation in 2010 prior appearing on Basketball Wives. It was possibly, the first time people noticed such a drastic-positive- change in her- which was unexpectedly, taken too negatively.

Sadly, things did not change much until recently she decided to get over her excess poundage again. Roman, who seems completely different and half of her age now, was welcomed with backlash and mocking comments after she finally made it to a much lighter and a much healthier body after weight loss.


It was utterly upsetting when people began to make fun of the actress’s physique calling her too skinny and small on the social media accounts. Even though, the woman chose to be matured enough to not to react, she came ahead to reveal the exact reason that pushed her to bring the change we can noticeably see in her today.

According to the bold and beautiful TV personality, her transformation is not lead by the love or importance she has for herself, but by the love she has for her family. She is a diabetic and taking good care of her health is very essential so that she can be with her family, particularly her two lovely daughters for long.

Her instagram post reads:

I didn’t lose weight; I lost my willingness to die.

Roman ended up saying that people can mock her as much as they want for she has a purpose to live, which she will accomplish, no matter what.


Tami Roman weight loss struggles were based on healthy choices that switched her bad lifestyle into a good one.

The woman was very focused towards her health, who has witnessed many young people going of heart attack. She believed in consistency- the formula that rightly worked for her.

Being a diabetic, things were pretty complicated for her, but by little by little, she stepped ahead and ever since, never stepped back.

Roman began with detox, and followed the very simple rule of shedding weight- that is, limiting her calorie intake. She further chose to eat the right kind of foods, foods that were nutritious and equally result-bearing at the same time.

She also geared up the process by exercising, the duration of which started from 10 minutes going all the way to 30, just as her body began to ‘cooperate’.

Besides, she also credited NV for accelerating things up, however, without exercises and diets, she wouldn’t have made it to lose.


Tami Roman infamous liposuction is not new to her fans, which she underwent some 7-8 years back. But the most interesting and worth admiring thing about Roman was that, she was always explicit about her cosmetic surgery- before and after the process.

The process that was also featured on a show was aimed to cut the poundage that was not responding to her diet and exercises. Roman hit the plateau and was very puzzled at that point, of course, she wanted to get over it and Liposuction sounded her the only way out!


Roman has always been a very positive person who has always accepted and dealt things through her very own ways. And since she has accepted her medical condition and is pretty okay with it, Roman believes that she is right on the track to deal with it quite duly.

That’s how she is and that’s how things will be for her. But if, people are not fine with anything related to her life, they can simply go their own way by unfollowing her.

As of now, she is in a very happy space and enjoying what she has earned through immense efforts.

Well, Tami, you indeed are a strong girl that has set an example for people who lose hope against diabetes and many other related concerns. Your spirits are exemplary- more power to you girl…


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